2nd February 2016

Introducing Grain Free Goodness from Davies

Grain free foods are growing in popularity and are one of the biggest trends within pet food in recent years.

With this in mind, Davies have created a Grain Free recipe that is made without cereals. Many link this trend to the humanisation of pet food, feeding something that sounds appealing to the consumer; chicken and sweet potato, for example. With the rise of people undertaking diets such as ‘gluten free’, it is easy to see why our canine friends will follow suit. The food is ideal for dogs with sensitivities to gluten and grains (including maize, oats and rice). They are not solely targeted at sensitive dogs but they do offer a great alternative carbohydrate source for all dogs. The grain-free food contains sweet potato, which is a highly digestible source of slow release energy. It also contains peas, which are a source of fibre and are beneficial for the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It is available in chicken and sweet potato and lamb and sweet potato varieties.

Ashleigh Walker, nutritional technologist for the company comments:

“We decided that developing a grain-free range of Davies complete was a great way to keep up with current trends whilst providing balanced and wholesome nutrition to keep your dog in great condition. This new product has given the brand a great boost – here’s to the next 100 years!”

Davies have a complete offering of dry, moist, chubs, treats, adult, senior and puppy. All of these products are hypoallergenic with no additives or preservatives.